Setting Goals, Giving Feedback, & Student Self-Assessment

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How can we make lessons more effective for our students?  How can we ensure they learn the skills they need to monitor their own skill development and progress?  What are the best practices for giving open-ended feedback?  How can I (and why should I) elicit feedback on my teaching from my students?  By the end of this WebQuest, all those who have completed this quest should have some answers to these questions.

This quest should take a total of about 90 minutes to complete.  Notes should be taken while on the quest, and just refined after the Process is complete.  Then the student should create their Tool for use in the classroom, and then finally they should give feedback on the WebQuest.

Note: if this WebQuest stays posted for others to use, the third evaluation task will need to be modified.  If it has not yet been modified and you are using it, feel free to still have the questers critique the WebQuest!  Just submitted, on paper, to you. 


Thanks, Dr. U, for introducing us to a great new tool!

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