The Civil War: The Union Versus the Confederacy

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This Webquest is designed to have the students, following an in class general lesson, dive into the vast subject of the Civil War. This Webquest will give them the chance to be creative, independent, and give them the ability to work with others. This Webquest will give the students a deeper understanding of the Civil War as a whole and the battles that were fought.
The amount of time given for the completion of this lesson should be about 2-3 weeks.
Make sure to check up on each group and give enough in class time for the students to work on their projects with each other.


This Webquest is designed for 5-6 graders in a Social Studies Class. Most curriculums teach the Civil War so this webquest can be used in many towns.


I would like to thank PBS and the History channel along with Wikipedia for the information they offered on their websites as well as the Youtube channel CrashCourse for their videos on the Civil War and the Battles of the Civil War.
I would like to thank my instructor Lori Doll who taught Webquest in EDT 210.

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