Great Barrier Reef

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This brief webquest is designed for one or two lessons only, but may be the perfect preamble to an aquarium excursion. 

The GBR will engage self-motivated learners as they will enjoy researching their own material.
Students are paired so they can debate both sides of the conservation argument. 

Aims: Develop an appreciation of the natural, colourful beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.
            Develop a critical awareness of the difficulty of implementing conservation measures which oppose industrial interests.

Objectives: Students will study primary and secondary sources of information regarding the conservation plan of the GBR.
                     Students will evaluate the credibility of these sources by questioning the motivations of the authors.                                                                                                                                  Students will write a short essay discussing conservation issues and design a poster advertising either the conservationists or industrialists perspective.


This webquest is designed to meet the standards of ACARA-Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority 2013.
This unit encourages the rationale of Geography and Social Sciences by exploring, analysing and understanding the natural beauty of the GBR.
Students will develop an understanding of the unique biodiversity which also sustains human life and be inspired to initiate best conservation practices in their own lives.


Arup, Tom 2013, "Reef on the brink of danger listing" The Sydney Morning Herald, 18/6/2013.

Marzano, R 2006, Classroom Assessment and Grading that Work, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, Alexandria, Virginia.

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