DNA Candy Model

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Day before activity:
- Make photocopies of the student handouts.
- Gather licorice sticks, colored marshmallows, toothpicks, paperclips, and 
masking tape.
- Snip holes in the bag(s) of marshmallows and allow them to dry slightly. 
This makes the marshmallows easier to pierce with a toothpick.
- Optional: Prepare a self-closing plastic bag for each student or group 
containing their activity supplies (see Detailed Materials List).
Day of activity:
- Discuss the structure of the DNA molecule and how specifi c features, such 
as the sequence of chemical bases and the rules of base pairing, allow 
the molecule to carry and pass on information related to the inheritance of 
- Have students build an edible model of DNA with a given sequence of 
chemical bases. 


U.S. National Science Education Standards
Grades 5-8:
Content Standard C: Life Science - Reproduction and Heredity; every
organism requires a set of instructions for specifying its traits; hereditary
information is contained in genes, located in the chromosomes of each cell; a
human cell contains many thousands of different genes.


Thanks to the Teach Genetics website posted by The University of Utah.

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