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As teachers, we are all trying to find creative, interesting and innovative ways to reach our students and ensure that the content we teach is engraved in their receptive minds and brains and is relevant to their everyday lives.  Today' s children are technologically savvy, hence one way to reach them is through the integration of technology.  This webQuest aims at guiding teachers in presenting the concept of elements of story to students in a manner that they can all appreciate and be engaged in the teaching learning process.


Students are being prepared for the CSEC English Language examination in Jamaica. One crucial component of this examination is story writing. In order to write an effective story, students must be familiar with the elements of a story and how each element should be combined to create a story. At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1. Define each element of a story in-depth
2. Explain the inter-relatedness of each element
3. Combine elements to create a well-written story


This WebQuest would not have been possible without the assistance of the following sources.
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Many thanks to the creative minds of Oleiphia Williams and Samantha Miller who were instrumental in the creation of this webQuest.


I hope this WebQuest will offer a great level of assistance to teachers as they interact with the ever changing and fast developing children of this society

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