Me gusta... No me gusta...

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This would be a great lesson plan for any age, learning Spanish! A great way to retain information, is to use it in a real setting. After collecting all of the information needed to do this assignment, we will take a class trip to a MExican Restaurant, and use their new skills in action.


The students should be able to recognize when a word is plural, or singular, as well as masculine or femenine. This are important aspects when using the verb "gustar" or "to like". They should also know at least 10 different "food" vocabulary words.


The kids love talking about food, because it is something that they enjoy. I initially started out with basic food groups, and their interest has continued to branch out to all kinds of different foods. They continue to inspire me to come up with more interesting, and involved lesson plans.


I do not give grades in my classes, so there is not really a rubric for this. My main goal is to see that they all are retaining the information and able to apply it to every day life.

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