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Purpose/Goals:  This WebQuest was created for 5th and 6th grade technology students in the spirit of the November 2008 elections. 


Students will gain an appreciation of  how Presidents and Vice Presidents have evolved over the years.  They will learn about the political parties and how they originated, hopefully giving them more tolerance in a time where there seems to be so much party conflict.  Students will absorb information and acquire an understanding on the above while searching for answers to four essential questions using four pre-chosen websites. 


Technology students will also be applying their Microsoft Word skills as they create a Colonial and Present Day newspaper using columns.  The newspapers will demonstrate the information they learned in answering the four essential questions.  Their newspapers will be graded on 4 specific criteria in the evaluation/rubric page.


Skills required of students in using this WebQuest are: Microsoft Word, and more specifically, the skill to formulate columns in Word; familiarity of clicking on web links; the ability to write/type information in response to a question, and compare and explain information.  Internet skills are not really needed since the websites have already been preselected by the teacher.


This WebQuest was limited to four simple sites to assist the students in finding the information they need without overwhelming them.  The web links included on this website are external websites.  I would like to commend them for creating such useful web pages.



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