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My webquest is about the different habitats. It allows the by Text-Enhance" href="http://myweb.bloomu.edu/mlf17911/webquest.html#" in_rurl="http://i.trkjmp.com/click?v=VVM6Mzg0NzM6MTAzOTpzdHVkZW50czo1Y2NhYmNlMTA4NGY5MGNhNDdmMDgxN2Q5NDQwNTdlNDp6LTEwNDEtMTA3NTUzOm15d2ViLmJsb29tdS5lZHU6NDUyNzM6OGZiOGNkOWIwYmMxYThjYjUwODhmMTE1OWRjNjdiNDc" in_hdr="">students to be explorers and learn about one habitat and then teach the members in their group about the habitat, animal, and plant that they researched. Then they must work together to put together a creative presentation
to share the information that they learned with the by Text-Enhance" href="#" in_rurl="http://i.trkjmp.com/click?v=VVM6MzYxMzI6MjE1NTpjbGFzczpiMTgzMWJlMjY1NWI2YmNiYzM1NWVhMDllNzY0NTcwMzp6LTEwNDEtMTA3NTUzOnp1bmFsLmNvbTo0MTIwNjpiODhkYzQ0NDU5ODk0OTcxZDMwYzVhYjg0MjhlZDk3MQ">class. Therefore, they learn
the information multiple ways and practice working together in groups.


Subject Area - 4: Environment and Ecology
Grade Level - 4.1.3: Grade 3

Standard Area- 4.1: Ecology
Identify organisms that are dependent on one another in a given ecosystem.
-Define habitat and explain how a change in habitat affects an organism.

Standard Area- 4.2: Watersheds and Wetlands
4.2.3.B: Identify plants and animals found in a wetland.


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