The Alchemist - A Personal Journey

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This WebQuest is specifically designed to accompany the novel The Alchemist, by Paolo Coehlo, taught in English 10A.  It is designed to span six weeks, which is one half of a trimester.  It would be best not to leave this WebQuest for the last six weeks of the trimester in case you experience technical difficulties necessitating more lab time for the students.

I.   Time Needed in Computer Lab
    A.  Six total weeks
         1.  Week One – two days
         2.  Week Two – two days
         3.  Week Three – two days
         4.  Week Four – two day
         5.  Week Five – two days
         6.  Week Six – five days
    B.  Fifteen days in the computer lab

II.  Resources Needed
     A.  The Alchemist
     B.  Computer for every student with:
          1.  Internet
          2.  Word processing
          3.  File saving

          4.  MovieMaker


III.Skills Required

     A. Students must know how to take high quality notes

     B. Students must know how to create a file folder

     C. Students must know how to save documents

     D. Students must know how to navigate the Web

     E. Students must know how to respect intellectual property by citing their sources


IV. Recommended Implementation
     A.  Ninth or tenth grade students
     B.  Seventy-five minute class periods
     C.  WebQuest used as a supplement to traditional novel study of The
          1.  Literary elements taught during regular class time
               a.  symbolism
               b.  theme
               c.  setting as a character
               d.  man vs. fate
               e.  allegory/fable
                   and many more…
          2.  There are fifteen days in the unit for direct novel study and class

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