Algebra Adventure Along the Mississippi River

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Target Learners: This webquest is designed for students at the Algebra I level. This may be middle school or high school students.

Notes for Teaching the Unit: This webquet is to serve as a cumulaitve project following lessons on slope, writing equations between data point, and creating scatterplots. If students are unfamiliar with how to create a voicethread, visit the following website which gives clear directions: http://voicethread.com/#home

Learning Standards:

1. Students will be able to calculate slope between 2 points.

2. Students will be able to write an equation between two data points after creating a line of best fit.

3.  Students will evaluate (explain) the real world meaning of slope, y-intercept and x-intercpets.

4.  Students will make predications based on the data: (table, graph, equation)

5.  Students will apply the math they are learning in class to a real world situation.

6. Students will enjoy doing math!

Credits: This webquest was designed with the help of the Rockwood School district. Thank you for the idea of using the Mississippi River and mathematics. It is a great opportunity for students to apply what they are learning to the real world.  


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