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This lesson integrates social studies, writing, and technology.  Students use the Webquest to investigate Ancient India and complete a data chart.  Using this chart as a Prewrite, they write a persuassive essay addressing why they think that Ancient India was an important ancient civilization. 


Use the lesson after students have an understanding of websites, how they are set up, and how to use the links and get back to the starting page. 

Students will search the internet for information under controlled circumstances.

Students will assess information to determine what is usable for their topic and what is not.

Students will organize data on a chart so that it is usable for writing an essay.

Students will write a persuassive essay.


Prerequisite skills are the ability to know how to use links in searching.

Time Allowed: This webquest should take 2 to 3 45-minutes periods for the gathering of data.  The essay should then take 3 to 4 45 minute periods following the webquest.


The resources and weblinks included on this website are external websites and I would like to thank them for creating such useful webpages.

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