Independence Movements in Latin America

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Illinois Learning Standards

State Goal 16:

16.A.4a  Analyze and report historical events to determine cause-and-effect relationships.

16.B.5a (W)  Analyze worldwide conse­quences of isolated political events, including the events triggering the Napoleonic Wars and World Wars I and II.

16.B.5c (W)  Analyze the relationship of an issue in world political history to the related aspects of world economic, social and environmental history.

 16.C.4a (US)  Explain how trade patterns developed between the Americas and the rest of the global economy, 1500 - 1840.

State Goal 18:

18.A.5  Compare ways in which social systems are affected by political, environmental, economic and technological changes.

18.C.4a  Analyze major cultural exchanges of the past (e.g., Colombian exchange, the Silk Road, the Crusades).

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