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This WebQuest was designed for use as a professional development training for new teachers. It was designed to be completed in a three-week period, ideally at the start of the school year, so that new teachers would be able to identify students and strategies before the end of first quarter.


The theoretical positions that support the WebQuest technique, and the psychological rationale for its use can be found in the links to articles below.


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A special thanks to St. Leo University for encouraging us to collaborate and create!


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  • The Learning Power of WebQuests
    Description: This article by Tom March was published in 2004 in Educational Leadership. Tom March's mentor, Bernie Dodge, developed the WebQuest model.

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  • WebQuest.Org
    Description: Bernie Dodge developed the WebQuest in 1995. His site contains information on how to find, create, and share WebQuests.

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