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This Web Quest was designed to induce higher level thinking and make high school students from grades 9 to 12 understand the importance of knowing about a different country. Any German level class can use this Web Quest when learning about Germany and what it consists of. Also history classes can use this Web Quest to help students get a better understanding of Germany. While using technology, students will find this assignment to be educational, personally satisfying, and fun as they learn about a subject that they had no prior knowledge about. Using this Web Quest is simple yet satisfying because of it's easy navigation, detailed instructions, and extremely helpful resources.


7.2.8.A: Explain the characteristics of places and regions.
7.2.U.B: Analyze the significance of physical processes in shaping the character of places and regions.
7.2.4.A: Identify the physical characteristics of places and regions.


I would also like to also thank Google for the pictures that it provided me for this WebQuest.

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