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This is a collection of sample work.


"Morning Meeting" 1st Grade

  • Sample newsletter to parents
    Description: I believe that parents should always stay abreast of the latest news in their child's classroom and within the school. This is a sample newsletter I created and one that I would use in my classroom.
Sample Work of discipline plan
Description: Created in a Classroom Management course for 1st-2nd Grade students. Each child would begin the day with 20 points.If they were to break any of the rules, they would lose the designated number of points. Students with at least 15 points at the end of the day are rewarded with a visit to trophy case, same as the treasure box. It would have toys, snack, etc. to reward good behavior.
3-D Model Classroom
Description: This is a photo of a 3-D model classroom I created to express my creativity, show that students should learn together as a group, opposed to single file seating arrangements. I included a reading rug for whole group learning so that studetns will have an opportunity to move around and not feel as though they are tied down to their seats all day. There is a classroom library included for students to freely check out books in efforts to keep them reading!I plan to arrange my classroom quite similar as I have in these photos.
Hallway Decorations
Description: Students learned and labeled the major muscles in the human body.On the leaf, students wrote about fun activities during Fall and Winter months.

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