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  WebQuest was created by Bernie Dodge and Tom March in 1995 at San Diego State University.  WebQuest is an activity designed to be inquiry-oriented for the learner in which the information comes from a variety of resources found on the Internet.  
WebQuests are intended to:  

  • use the leaners's time well;
  • focus on using information rather than looking for it;
  • assist learners thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.


     The intention of the WebQuest is to provide the learner with the opportunity to complete authentic projects and use technology to find and present information.  A good WebQuest places the power of the Internet behind the topic and eases some of the obstacles teachers may encounter in their attempt to create project-based learning.  WebQuests are collaborative activites and tasks where the learner protrays different roles in relation to the authentic problem.  The WebQuest provides structure to the investigation of the topic and the Internet is usually the main information resource available.  As a result, learners are provided with a "structured" opportunity to successfully navigate a highly "unstructrued" environment such as the Internet.  The learner demonstrates their knowledge of the problem by developing and producing a product that shows their comprehension and pontential solutions to the tasks ("What are WebQuests,"2012).

     This WebQuest was created for the graduate program at Saint Leo University in the Masters in Education Program.  It has been developed to serve as a workshop for teachers and aid their understanding of IDEA and the RtI process.  Our WebQuest was designed to be fun and interactive which provides a hands-on experience that allows educators to learn IDEA and the RtI process through quality professional development. 

Characters Portrayed by:

Johnny Cromwell (little Johnny)

Rodney McNealy (District Advisor)

Coi Owens (ESE Specialist)



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Thank you Dr. Wnek for inspiring us and going beyond our expectations of a true educational leader.

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