World War II and The United States of America

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Welcome! This WebQuest was developed as a five day unit lesson on World War II, including lessons on Pearl Harbor, the Allied and Axis Powers, women's role at the home front, and the effects of the war on the U.S. economy. The unit lesson involves students in active learning through group activities, individual work, and the use of technology. There are several resources included in this unit such as YouTube videos, web searches, etc. 


AZ Social Studies Standards:
American History- Concept 1: Research Skills for History
Students examine topics questions related to historical studies and/or current events by using primary and secondary sources.
World History- Concept 8: World at War
Civics/Government- Concept 3: Functions of Government
Geography- Concept 1: The World in Spacial Terms; Concept 2: Places and Regions
Economics- Concept 1: Foundations of Economics
*Understanding the scarcity and the different methods of allocating goods and services


Thank you for viewing this WebQuest. It was developed as an assignment for a Masters course in Social Studies: Curriculum, Assessment, and Methods.

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