Ozark Folk Center Field Trip

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WebQuest is planned for at least three 45 minute periods. Perform Tasks 1-3 on day one. Tasks 4-5 on day two. Task 6 is individual, writing a persuasive letter. Does not require computer use on day three.


Arkansas 4th Grade Frameworks. Math NO 3.4.3 (Cognitive: Applying) Attain, with and without appropriate technology, computational fluency in multiplication and division using contextual problems using: two-digit by two-digit multiplication (larger numbers with technology), up to three-digit by two-digit division (larger numbers with technology), strategies for multiplication and dividing numbers, performance of operations in more than one way, estimation of products and quotients in appropriate situations, and relationships between operations. Fine Art M.4.4.1 (Cognitive: Evaluating): Respond to music from various cultures, historical periods, and/or events (eg. folk music, spirituals, patriotic songs, Arkansas songs) by listening, singing, moving, playing. Social Studies G.2.4.1: Research elements of a culture in a community, state, or nation (eg food, clothing, housing, language, sports/recreation, customs, traditions, art, music, religion) English Language Arts: W.5.4.5: Write informational text of at least three paragraphs on one topic using three sources of information.

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