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The WebQuest is designed with first graders in mind. However, with some modifications other grades could also benefit from the WebQuest; kindergarten and second grade. The WebQuest is a journey to the past which includes subjects from Social Studies and can be utilized to teach the entire unit of Social Studies. The subjects include World and American history, Geography, Economics and Civics/Government. Each lesson is based on and it covers one concept from Arizona Standards. There are five standards and five concepts used:American and World History; PO 2- retell stories to describe past events, people and places.Geography; PO 3-construct a map of a familiar place that includes compass rose, legend, keys and symbols.Economics; PO1- discuss the difference between basic needs and wants.Civics/Government; PO1- identify national symbols and monuments that represent American democracy and values: White House, American Flag, Statue of Liberty, Bald Eagle and Washington Monument.The standards can be found at: www.azed.gov/standards-practices/social-studies-standard/As a future teacher I wanted to ensure that my WebQuest is applying, inviting and interesting. Therefore, students will be engaged in the lesson and benefit from learning. Several websites have been used to make the WebQuest more interesting for the students. None of the sites need a login because all of them are free and give users full permission to utilize dissimilar activities, games, quizzes and print materials as well. Students may need help when printing because some PDF’s need to be converted into Word.Students will be encouraged to use critical thinking, work as a team, and do hands-on activities. Also, language arts are integrated where applicable. All of the activities are fun and they differ from subject to subject. To engage students even more, the introduction includes an essential question which serves as a stimulation. The WebQuest is planned for five days however, the construction of the time machine should begin two days prior to the journey. Students should not be informed about the purpose of the machine because it supposed to be a surprise. The WebQuest does not include any materials that might be impossible to find.The design and suggestions for assessments and the way the WebQuest was planned are the author’s ideas. However, motivation came from mentor teacher’s with whom the author spent quite some time. Images, videos and sites were used to improve the overall learning experience.I hope that you and your students will have an amazing experience and enjoy the time travelling!

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