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The lessons in this webquest can be adjusted to give the students more or less activities to fit into the amount of time each teacher has to devote to this lesson. This lesson will take several classes before it is fully completed. If a complete lesson on fitness and nutrition are taught in class this webquest could be completed outside of class in small groups. It is my suggestion to complete it in class if time allows.This webquest is written as a group project but could be completed as an individual project. Individually completed could help each student learn and understand the individual aspects of nutrition and fitness better. This webquest could be broken down into two separate webquests, one for fitness and one for nutrition if these are taught as two different lessons in a class.With group projects, and with group presentations, teacher can engage the class in discussions on how individual plans for nutrition and fitness can vary to achieve the same goals, how important the use of all 5 aspects of fitness are to achieving the goal, and the importance of the different foods in the food pyramid.


Students will learn the value of a healthy lifestyle and how to create that lifestyle for different types of people. Students will be challenged to think about how different aspects of fitness work together to form the best fitness plan to attain the desired fitness goals.Students will be challenged to think about how nutrition works with exercise to create a healthy lifestyle.Students will be challenged to interact with each other to create and design a nutrition and exercise plan together to obtain the goals desired.


Thanks to the following websites for borrowed photos:123rf.com, simplynutri.org drhaleyperlus.wordpress.com, nestacertified.com, has.ie, embracefitness.ca, cartoonstock.com

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