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I designed this webquest for a small group of 4-5-year-old ESL learners. These students already speak some English and are just beginning to learn their letters. I am lucky to have a small and easy-to-supervise group. You may need to modify this for a larger class (e.g. print out the worksheets ahead of time).

Because these children cannot yet read, the teacher needs to read each section to them. Read slowly but enthusiastically. Don't shy away from repeating the instructions many times; little minds like to wander. Let the students be leaders, too. If they have something to say about the letter E, let them. Maybe they can think of another word that begins with e. Maybe they know a story about an elephant. One thing's for sure, by the end of the song, they'll know what eggs are!

With this age group, use the webquest activity in class as a focal point around which to build a lesson that explores the letter e in many ways: listening, seeing, writing, touching, smelling... be creative!

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