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This WebQuest focuses on the 2010 Winter Olympics and involves students in many math-related tasks as well as some geography, history of the Olympic games, and technology. The objective of this WebQuest is to use math skills in a fun & interesting way and to hook students on the excitement of the Olympic Games.


I would suggest starting this WebQuest sometime before February 12, 2010, the date of the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver Olympics. The first events will be held on February 13. The students should already possess the mathematic skills necessary to complete the WebQuest and can focus on enjoying the process. In this WebQuest:


Students will use the Internet for research and to find results from the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Students will create a bar graph comparing the medals won by participating countries.


Students will become knowledgeable on five Olympic sports with which they were not previously familiar.


Students, using downhill skiing results, will find the mean, mode, median, and range of those scores.


Students will research some prominent Olympic figures from the past.


Students will have fun with math!


Students will work as a team toward a common goal.


Students will become caught up in the excitement of the Olympic Games!



Prerequisite skills: ability to use the Internet and electronic mail

Time required: 1-2 days of classroom time, plus students' study hall time; the games last until February 28, & one of the tasks will have to be completed after all of the events are completed.

Technology and Materials Needed: computer access



All of the links used in this WebQuest are external links, without whose expertise this WebQuest would not be possible!

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