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This WebQuest focuses on the NCAA men's basketball tournament and involves students in many math-related tasks as well as learning a little geography and history of basketball. The objective of this WebQuest is to use math skills in a fun and interesting way and to involve students in the wonder of "March Madness".


I would suggest starting this WebQuest the Monday prior to the start of the NCAA tournament (the day after "Selection Sunday"). The students should already have any skills necessary to complete the WebQuest and can focus on getting the most out of the process. In this WebQuest:

 Students will use the Internet to research their teams, find resources, and answer questions.

 Students will create bar graphs using a web site that is student-friendly and use those graphs to compare their teams' statistics.

 Students will use technology to download & save images and send correspondence.

 Students will print a U.S. map and label several cities on it.

 Students will make predictions based on their research on who they think will make it to the Final Four.

 Students will have fun with math!

 Students will work as a team toward a common goal.

 Students will be immersed in "March Madness"!


Prerequisite skills: ability to use the Internet and electronic mail

Time required: 1-2 days of classroom time, plus students' study hall time

Technology and Materials Needed: computer access


All of the links used in this WebQuest are external links, without whose expertise this WebQuest would not be possible!

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