Exploring The Parts of Speech

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Teachers can be Explorers as well!!

This WebQuest was designed to help enhance students knowledge of the basic parts of speech. Instead of using our text book I implement technology into my lessons, and this is one of my favorite ways. Students also enjoying learning through WebQuest! I hope you can use this lesson or take from it and have your students start exploring the arts.. Language Arts that is!!  

Tennessee State Performance Indicators: 

SPI 0301.1.1
Identify the correct use of nouns (i.e., as subjects, singular and plural) within context.

SPI 0301.1.2 Identify the correct use of verbs (i.e. present, past, and future tense) within context.

SPI 0301.1.3 Identify the correct use of adjectives (i.e., comparative and superlative) within

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