social studies

Arizona State Standards


1. Strand 1- American History

Concept 1:

  • PO 3. Construct timeline of historical era (presidents, key events, people)
  • PO 8. Describe two points of view on the same historical event.

2. Strand 2- World History

Concept 1: Research Skills for History

  • PO 7. Analyze cause and effect relationships between and amound individuals and/or historical events.

3. Strand 3- Civics/Government

Concept 1: Foundations of Government

  • Analyze the significance of the principles and ideals of the following documents: a) Bill of Rights (as related to specific time periods) b) Emanicipatio Proclamation

4. Strand 4- Geography

Concept 1: The World in Spatial Terms

  • PO 1. Construct maps, charts, and graphs to display geographic information.
  • PO 5. Interpret thematic maps, graphs, charts, and data bases depicting various aspects of the United States and world regions. (Apply to regions studied.)

5. Strand 5 - Economics

Concept 1: Foundations of Economics

  • PO 1. Explain how limited resources and unlimited human want cause people to choose some things and give up others.

Concept 4: Global Economics

  • PO 2. Identify the patterns of economic interaction (e.g. national debt, balance of trade) between countries.

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