Animal Movements

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This unit is designed for students in kindergarten and first grade although it can easily be expanded for use in all primary grades. It integrates science, language arts and technology.

In using this webquest, I encourage to let your students actively participate in the discussion through demonstrations of the different animal movements. Here is a guide for you: Play animal charades with students seated in a large circle. One student in the center of the circle imitates the way an animal moves without telling the students which animal he is pretending to be. If students are unable to guess, additional clues could be given, such as the sound the animal makes, what it eats, its color or body covering. The student who guesses trades places with the student in the center.

A variation of the game "Duck, Duck, Goose!" is "Duck, Duck, ? ? ?" Students sit in a circle while the one who is "it" walks around the circle saying "duck" until he chooses a responder by naming another animal, such as "rabbit." The responder, who must then hop like a rabbit, chases the leader around the circle and back to the responder's seat. The responder becomes the new leader and chooses another responder and a different animal to imitate.

We hope you and your students will learn from our webquest. Thank you! :D

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