A Quest for Respect with The GROUCHY LADYBUG

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My Grouchy Ladybug Webquest Lesson

I feel my webquest exceeds the standards for this
assignment. I doubled check to make sure every requirement was meet at the
level of on target.  I feel this lesson
is geared towards K-2nd grade, making my webquest easy to navigate and I have
no doubt that studentsí will learn a lot from this webquest.  I plan to use this in a Language Arts lesson
and or also, a Science lesson.  Students
can use this webquest in so many ways. For example, they can be viewed from
their home computer. When they get home if they would like to show their
parents what they did in school they can.

: Language Arts/Reading, Social
Studies, Art, Science

Modifications: (Scaling
down or adjusting to ability level): Teacher will read the story to the
students if they

are unable to read it independently. Print out the timeline
page for each student and guide him or her in completing

it. Teacher will guide
the students through the Main Character Activity Page. Teacher will help the students
look up

the meaning of respect in the dictionary and then take them to the
character traits hotlink by clicking on respect and

read it to them.



(How many days/weeks to start &
end date): The project could take two weeks to a month to


Management (Grouping, computer rotation, time in lab, etc.): Whole
group, independent writing time, and

computer rotations during center time.


Materials (List
of materials students will need before, during, and/or after WebQuest):

The Grouchy Ladybug Book

A copy of the Main Character
Activity Page, A timeline page, a dictionary



 Students will learn the importance
of being respectful 

 Students will do research and learn
the meaning of respect

 Students will do research and learn
real facts about ladybugs


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