Driving My Tractor

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Target Learners:  This Web Quest is geared towards first graders.  They are beginning to learn to read.  They also are learning mathematical concepts such as sorting and adding.  

Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard:
  1. Demonstrate fluency in addition facts with addends through 9 and corresponding subtractions.
  2. Demonstrate fluency in adding and subtracting multiples of 10, and recognize combinations that make 10
Geometry and Spatial Sense Standard
  1. Sort and compare two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional objects according to their characteristics and properties.
Patterns, Functions and Algebra Standard
  1. Sort, classify and order objects by size, number and other properties, and describe the attributes used.
  2. Extend sequences of sounds and shapes or simple number patterns, and create and record similar patterns. 
  3. Create and extend patterns, and describe the rule in words.
  4. Model problem situations, using objects, pictures, numbers and other symbols.
I'd like to thank Jan Dobbins and David Sim for writing the book Driving my Tractor.  Also Barefoot books for providing the pictures and activities for this Web Quest.  I'd also like to give credit to the following websites for the images used:

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