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Slavery in America

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This activity was used to develop students understanding of slavery being legal for centuries before they were being sold in the new colonies.  This background knowledge will increase their continued learning of associated content.

West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives:
Subject Area: 
Social Studies/Language Arts

Standard:  SS.S.4.5 History

Students will

  • organize, analyze and compare historical events, distinguish cause-effect relationships, theorize alternative actions and outcomes, and anticipate future application (Chronology).

  • use the processes and resources of historical inquiry to develop appropriate questions, gather and examine evidence, compare, analyze and interpret historical data  (Skills and Application).

  • examine, analyze and synthesize historical knowledge of major events, individuals, cultures and the humanities in West Virginia, the United States and the world  (Culture and Humanities).

  • use historical knowledge to analyze local, state, national and global interdependence  (Interpretation and Evaluation).

  • examine political institutions and theories that have developed and changed over time; and research and cite reasons for development and change  (Political Institutions).



research how and why African Americans came to America and explain the motivation behind the development of slavery.

RLA.O.4.2.07         develop a composition that demonstrates awareness of the intended audience using appropriate language, content and form

RLA.O.4.08            create an effective response to a task in form, content and language (e.g. letters, poems, brief reports or descriptions, instruction)

West Virginia 21st Century Learning Skills

21C.O.3-4.1.LS3 Student, cognizant of audience and purpose, articulates thoughts and ideas accurately and effectively through oral, written or multimedia communications.

West Virginia 21st Century Technology Tools

21C.O.3-4.1.TT.5 Student uses word processing software to create and format a document (e.g., paragraphs, tabs, page justification, margins, spell check, grammar check, word count, insert page breaks, page numbers), uses Edit menu to cut, copy, paste, change font type, size and color, select and highlight text, and other common editing features.

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