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benefits of sports for students

Sports have always been a part of people's everyday lives. Whether its playing the 

sport or watching it, people can always find temselves entertained while taking part 

in any sport actvities. But sports are not just meant to keep people entertained. They 

can also help people in ways such as building a high self-esteem, decreasing the 

likelyhood of obesity, and teaching us the power of teamwork. Those who can 

benefit most form sports are students from any age group. Whether thy are in 

primary school or in high school, they can always find themselves improving in 

school and discpline when they are taking part in a sport.

Sports help improve a kids self esteem bcasue it makes them feel good that they are 

good at something. When coaches and parents cheer their kids on, they will feel good 

about themselves and will have confidence for the future. Also, when playing sports, 

kids will reduce the risk of obesity because they are always active. Obesity is a huge 

problem for kids in the United States as well as all over the world. By having 

parents take part in their child's life and signing them up for a sport will decrease 

those chances. Staying active is always the healthy way to go. Lastly, when kids play 

a sport, they will learn that they should not always center things on them. They 

have to respect their coach and teammates and do the right thing for the team. When 

a player only plays just to win and wats to make every shot, then his fellow 

teammates will be dissappoined and losr respect for him. Teamwork also teaches kids 

to work with other people which is beneficial for the future.

Even though some parents think that sports are a waste of time that wll take away 

form school, they should at least encourage heir kid to try a sport. If not then they 

could join a differen group or club. Hopefully sports will continue to benefit kids in 

positive ways for years to come.

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