Exploring Solids and Liquids

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This WebQuest focuses on 2 states of matter: solid and liquid. The objective of this WebQuest is to help students learn about the properties of solids and liquids. The lesson will have students produce a poster displaying their information of the 2 states of matter, including the definition and examples of each state of matter. I would recommend that this WebQuest be used as an introduction to your unit on the Smithsonian Grade 1 Solids and Liquids unit. This will be a launch to the unit and provide students with the necessary information needed for future class discussions. Students will identify 2 states of matter: solid and liquid and use the internet to find the necessary information for their poster. I would recommend 4 days (45 minutes each) to complete this WebQuest. You would need 1 computer for every 2 students in order for them to access the information. Some of the resources are ones that were created by me, but I would like to give credit to the external weblinks in this WebQuest. Without their hard work, this WebQuest would not be possible.

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