Holistic Assessment of a Cardiac Patient

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     The target audience for this webquest is senior nursing students in Advanced Cardiovascular / Pulmonary Nursing Lecture. It is my belief that we teach nursing students about Holistic Health Assessment in nursing school and that the "business" of nursing in healthcare institutions does not allow the new practicing nurse to maintain the level of care we trained them to provide for thier patients. This acitvity was designed to solidify the thought that spirituality is important to patient healing. This webquest was specifically designed as a collaborative project with a group of four students. Each group of four students within the class will complete thier tasks and share their finished products and lessons learned at a Mock Holistic Health Fair during the last week of the semester. This course is a hybrid class with some online and a few classroom meetings. If your students have clinical with a lecture style class the students can generate a care plan for the glogster based on a patient they cared for in the clinical experience. If there is no clinical experience associated with the class you may utilize a case study to assist the students in generating a nursing patient centered plan of care. There are many links throughout this webquest that guide the students learning about holistic assessment.
     The following book has descriptive case studies that may be helpful even if you chose to follow the general concept of this webquest with a different physiological problem:
Bruyere, H.J. (2009). 100 case studies in pathophysiology. Baltimore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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