Researching Stocks for Investing

Business Teachers Making a Difference


Carol Nielsen and Deb Reynolds are Business and Computer teachers at Stevens High School in Rapid City, SD.


11-12 Personal Finance Class.

Jump$tart Coalition:

1a: Compare strategies for investing as part of a comprehensive financial plan

3c: Devise an evaluation strategy for selecting investments that meet the objectives of a personal financial plan

South Dakota Standards:

PF.4.2 Explain how investing builds wealth and helps meet financial goals.

PF.5.1 Evaluate how risk management protects against financial loss.


The original webquest was created by Carol Nielsen and Deb Reynolds. As resources changed over the years, Deb continued to update the materials used. Special thanks to Market Watch for having games in which students can try their hand at investing for free and the plethora of financial planning resources available on the Internet.


Deb Reynolds has been a Business, Marketing and Computer Teacher for the past 29 years in Rapid City, South Dakota. She is an advocate for Career and Technical Education. "Project Based learning helps students understand the world of work and the skills necessary to succeed."

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