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This web-quest is aimed at later secondary students (years 9-12) interested in social studies and womens history. It is a basic task that allows students to work and research within a level that will challenge students, whilst still allowing for creativity and flexibility. This web-quest to fit in with Modern History, Social Studies, Community and Family Studies, Geography and many more as it is an important cross-curriculum topic.

Essential students are to use this web-quest to research and form opinions on women's rights and gender equality throughout the world, ten using these opinions and information create a meaningful and exciting way to inform people about global gender issues, and what we as individuals and communities can do to work towards global gender equality.

Exploring the webquest will help in understanding the task.


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Global Issues: www.globalissues.org/

Global Education: www.globaleducation.edna.edu.au

United Nations Global Issues: www.un.org/en/globalissues/

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