The Great Horse Adventure!

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      This WebQuest was created by a student at IRSC for Mr. Thomas's,
Technology for Education (EME2040-156999). The great horse adventure was
intended for younger children in need of assistance with learning social
skills; this can also be used to help improve basic internet and computer
skills. My goal was to learn fun, useful information about something we like,
while working together within a team. Teamwork strengthens several skills at
once: Being patient and tolerant of others, compromising, participating in
group activities, conversational and organizational skills, and can improve self-confidence.
While a lot of hard work went into making this fun and informational, if anyone
intends to use this as an actual WebQuest for their students, I would suggest
changing some of the links.  All the
information in the questions can be found at the links listed in the WebQuest,
however these links are Wikipedia, Google images, etc. and I am sure links with
a more kid friendly tone are available. The quality of the links was diminished
slightly by time restrictions on the project. And an added bonus is that the
horses can be switched out for many different animals with only slight modification
to the WebQuest.

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