Your Future is Now...Can You Afford It?

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  • Student use: This website was designed for 6th through 8th grade students. This allows for students to budget money, based upon the salary and career that they have chosen. It is important for students to be able to calculate percentages.

  • Teacher's Guide:  For this webquest, the teacher will need internet access, Microsoft Word, and a calculator.

  • Illinois State Standards cited:
      Formulate questions (e.g., relation­ships between car age and mileage, average incomes and years of schooling), devise and conduct experiments or simulations, gather data, draw conclusions and communicate results to an audience using traditional methods and contemporary technologies.
    6.A.3  Represent fractions, decimals, per­centages, exponents and scientific notation in equivalent forms
    6.C.3a  Select computational procedures and solve problems with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents and proportions.

  • The following clip art was used in this Webquest:
    Budget Calculator - featurepics.com
    Fortune Teller Watching Crystal Ball - shutterstock.com
    Woman's Hands on Crystal Ball - footsearch.com
    When I grow up... - footsearch.com
    Strict teacher - clipartof.com

    The following website was used to create a rubric:

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