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This WebQuest was designed for grade 6-8 high achievers in a social studies or English class. It has been my experience that students of this age not only love animals but they are passionate about causes. I believe they would be very interested in pursuing this topic. The webquest would serve as a necessary beginning to excite the students about the cause of saving endangered animals. As they become more knowledgeable about conservation organization, this would spread from tigers to other animals.

This webquest could be used in conjunction with a Wildlife Conservation Month. Many states have them - unfortunately they vary from state to state.
 - The library could have great display with endangered stuffed animals and books about these animals.
 - Math classes could study the maps of animals' habitats in the past vs. today. The decrease could be calculated and displayed in poster graphs.
 - English classes could start a letter writing campaign to their congresspersons asking for action to help save endangered animals.
 - Language classes could even be included by learning the names of the animals in the countries where they reside.

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