"The Necklace"



    Task One: Now its your chance to 'hit' the streets of Paris and mingle.  Find yourself in conversation with someone from the working and aristocratic class and discover their everyday challenges.

-How do they live?(Clothing, Food, Housing etc.)


-What do they do for a living? 


-What is their family life like?


-Are there any special social activities that distinguish one class from the other?


    Task Two:  Once you have researched Paris during the 19th century, you will complete the same search, but present day.  Find out what life is like in the 21st century for both a lower class and upper class citizen.



- What conditions do people live in?


- What type of jobs do they have?


-What is family life like?


- Are there any huge differences in class? (activities, housing, society, gov't)



    This information will be gathered by exploring specific websites that are given to you within this quest.  Once youve gathered this information it will be your turn to take what you have learned and become a member of French society.  The final product will be in the form of four electronic journal entries completed using Microsoft Word. Two entries will require you to take on the personality of the citizen and describe your life. The third will consist of a comparison between Paris, France in the 1880's and present day.  The fourth and final entry will revolve around your own observations within the classroom.  (Each entry will be described in greater detail within the process page)



Note: These questions are merely the ones that will guide you as to things you should be looking for when searching the websites.  Feel free to create your own and look for things that may not be mentioned here.



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