Knowing different people and their culture



1.           1.       You will form groups of 4 students.

2.       As an individual activity you will research about a person from a specific city of the world and his/her culture. There are 4 options; each student is expected to choose one of them. After the research is completed, each student prepares a summary with the information that was found.

3.       Group feedback. Once you have your summaries, you will give feedback to the other members of the group and choose one of the works to do the next steps.   

4.       As a group based on the summary you have chosen you will work to prepare and produce your own "Knowing a person and his/her culture”. This presentation will be a television show which will illustrate vividly the life of the person and his/her culture. Within the groups they will also give and receive feedback from their group classmates. Try to use as much creativity as possible.





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