Working in small groups, students will use the Internet to create a multimedia project about tornadoes for this weather unit. The students will learn about tornadoes, how and where they form, what storm chasers do, and weather safety.


Contacting a class in Canada through email, they will tell what it is like living in "Tornado Alley."  Each group will take on a different aspect of the project and then will combine all results into one big presentation.  These questions should be addressed:


1.  What is a tornado?

2.  How and where does it form?

3.  What is the scale called to measure the power of a tornado?

4.  Who are tornado chasers and what do they do?

5.  What does the term "Tornado Alley mean?"

6.  Weather Safety. What are the signs that a tornado might be coming?

7.  What should you do if you see or hear one coming?

8.  What is the difference between a tornado watch and a warning?


The final presentation:

Students, now that you have all this knowledge about tornadoes, you will now create safety brochures to share with your friends and families.


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