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In this Webquest you will have to choose one of two financial planning programs.  You will have to either decides to plan on how to purchase a car or on how to pay for college. You and your classmates will go through a series of activities that will guide you through the process of making financial decisions. Prior to making decisions, you will need to complete a number of activities so you can prepare yourself to plan your financial future. Remember to have fun. This class directly impacts your future and is 100% applicable to your life.  Make the most of this opportunity!

You will demonstrate that you can make long-term financial decisions. This will reflect your ability to make an comprehensive short-term financial decision that will make a long-term impact on your life. As a result of this, you will learn how to research financial decisions as well as how to finance those decisions through work and/or loans. You will also demonstrate your abilities to make a PowerPoint of your financial research. Finally, your peers will  assess you on how practical your financial decision making is.

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