Great British Food



 Your aim is to plan a 3 day menu for your friend and his family members visiting you in London. To accomplish this task you should follow this steps:

1. Search through the Internet and books as much information about traditional British food as you can. It will be your base and will simplify your exercise.
2. Make notes and divide traditional dishes in a few groups (those groups should be suitable for every member of your guest's  family)
3. Write 4 types of menu, work out nice artwork for them.
You will be working in groups ( four people in each group). Each group will be responsible for writing a menu for one person ( Peter, Mary, and they children Sam and Sally). We hope this project will be great fun and that it will help you to expand your knowledge and vocabulary.
We wish you nice work!
(Below id the letter from your friend Peter)

Dear (Your name)

Long time no see! That's why, me and Mary finally decided to come by for a flying visit with our kids. We hope you will show us around London!
Sam and Sally are now 8 and 6! They grow up so fast...Sam is always hungry, Mary says that's normal, because he's growing. On the other hand, from what I heard, British people eat a lot, so we hope your meals will satisfy our little starveling ;) I can't deny that I also look forward to taste traditional British cuisine. Sally can eat everything, as long as there will be a desert. Mary likes going out so be sure to introduce us to some good restaurant, if not she may become tedious. I just can't wait to see you, and talk how we used to goof around.


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