Bullying Webquest



Please follow all directions STEP by STEP! Do not skip ahead.

Step 1- Take the Bullying Quiz.
Click on Bullying quiz on the left of the page to get started. 
Write the answers to each question on your worksheet.
We will discuss the answers to the quiz at the end of the project.
*When you have finished taking the quiz return to this page.

Step 2-  Research  
1. Define Bullying.
Click the Link to the right to get the definiton:(Define Bullying- Click this link); 

2. Why do People Bully.
 Click on the following link to help find the answers.Bullying, Why!?
3. Go to - A Thin Line-
Take the Quiz- Either ASHER ROTH or MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG will be your guide.  Record your final score on your paper.  Click on:  a Thin Line Quiz; and then press "take the quiz". When you are done, come back to this page.

3. Define the 4 main types of bullying:
*Verbal Bullying       
 *Physical Bullying    
 *Emotional Bullying     

4. Watch the Terrible text video.
What should you do if receive a text message that is not appropriate?

5. What should someone do if they are being bullied?
go to: http://au.reachout.com/find/articles/bullying-what-to-do-if-you-are-being-bullied

6. List four statistics about bullying. go to:


Step 3: Make a Brochure!

You will be making a brochure that will include all of the information that you researched. You will be making the brochure at http://www.mybrochuremaker.com/ There are many templates for you to use. You will need to sign in using my email address and password. 

To make a brochure:

1. sign in Email: Kaitlin.libby@sumnerschools.org   Password: (see miss libby for password)

2. click new+

3. Name your project your first and last name.

4. Create- Include the following information:


~ front page~


Your name

a picture


~ all other pages should include the following information~

~What is bullying

~Why do people bully

~main types of bullying

~what to do if you are being bullied

~4 statistics












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