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Assignment: You and your ever-ready partner are to read and analyze three stories that your client needs to know the theme of. He is very curious about how you will find the theme, so he wants you to write down the three steps that you follow (1. What's the conflict, 2. What's the resolution, 3. What did the character learn) and the answers to those three questions. Remember, after you answer the three questions, you need to bring all of those answers together to find the theme! By the end of this WebQuest, you will turn in a piece of paper with your name on it to your client's assistant (your teacher) that looks like this:

Theme WebQuest

- Story title #1 -
1. What is the conflict? ________
2. What is the resolution? ________
3. What did the characters learn? ________
4. Theme: ________

- Story title #2 -


*Helpful Hint: Theme must always be written in the form of a complete sentence!

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