Charting the Course: Social Studies WebQuest



Part 1 - American History - Westward Expansion

Throughout this WebQuest, you will
1. Find out the most important components of the antebellum reform movement
2. Identify and research important people who contributed to reform
3. Learn new vocabulary words related to your topic
4. Learn how to use bullet points to summarize text
5. Present your research results to the class by means of an A4 Microsoft Word page with illustrations
6. Design word cards with Microsoft Word for a reform movement game

Part 2 - World History - Age of Revolution

Throughout this WebQuest, you will
1. Make word cards for important vocabulary words
2. Construct a timeline on the American or the French Revolution
3. Research the outcomes of each revolution in collaborative groups
4. Document the effects in a speech by the head of state at the respective time
5. Compare the effects by making a Venn Diagram poster and writing a paragraph

Part 3 - Civics/Government - Structure of Government

Throughout this WebQuest, you will
1. Brainstorm and research monarchy or democracy
2. Contrast the two concepts in a chart 
3. Design four democratic laws/amendments for your own country in collaborative groups
4. Research the U.S. constutitution for four more democratic laws/amendments you would like to adopt
5. Write your own constitution in form of a letter and provide a key with definitions of five vocabulary words
6. Evaluate the constitution of other peers

Part 4 - Geography - Places and Regions

Throughout this WebQuest, you will
1. Create questions on important features of Arizona
2. Learn vocabulary words through inferencing
3. Rehearse paraphrasing for researching
4. Research the definition of geographic characteristics and Arizona's physical characteristics
5. Create a model of the state of Arizona with clay, demonstrating its physical features, and a travel booklet to describe the physical features 

Part 5 - Economics - Personal Finance 

Throughout this WebQuest, you will 
1. Learn about different ways to pay for an item
2. Learn new finance vocabulary words through Total Physical Response (TPR)
3. Contrast the pros and cons of each way of payment
4. Develop an action plan on whether you would buy the I-Pad and which payment you would choose
5. Evaluate your action plan 

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