Chemical Reactions



Your Assignment

YOU are the teachers! Use the information from the links provided and information you find on your own to create a lesson on the reaction type that you have been assigned. You will be investigating a type of chemical reaction in order to gather information for your Group Research Project and Presentation.

Before you start your presentation, you'll need to collect some basic background information.  Read and watch the sources that are labeled "REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE" and answer the questions in the associated worksheet.

Now your ready to become an expert in your assigned reaction type.

In your presentation you should include:

  • Type of reaction (assigned by your teacher)
  • Definition of your reaction
  • At least two real-life examples including equations and photos
  • 5 photos or diagrams that help explain your reaction
  • An easy way to remember your reaction type - recite a poem, write a song, create a rhyme
  • Each member of the group must take a turn speaking
  • Cite all sources used on the last slide (even if the teacher provided them). This includes citing your photos/diagrams!
    ***NOTE: Presentations should be short and sweet. Five minutes should be enough time.
There are several websites that you'll be guided to investigate and look through to get information for your project.

Your Presentation Rubric is viewable under the Evaluation tab.

In addition to your presentation, you should also have 5 questions on your reaction for your audience to answer.  An answer key MUST be provided to your teacher before your presentation.

There is a handy checklist that you can download below to keep track of some of the requirements.

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