Tears of a Soldier



You will conduct this webquest independently and will gather facts, pictures, and images to create an informational campaign about children soldiers after the webquest has been completed.  The purpose of this project is to share facts and information with members of the local and national community.  You have the option of creating a nonlinear powerpoint, a commercial, a video, a prezi, a glog, or any other media source that you choose.

Keep the following questions in mind and be sure to include the answers to these questions in your final project.

1.  Identify the physical and emotional challenges that child soldiers face.
2.  How are children recruited into war? List at least 3-5 ways.
3.  What challenges do children encounter when they try to assimilate back into their old lives?
4.  How are children's human rights violated when they are used as soldiers?
5.  If you had to pick one piece of information that people NEED to know about child soldiers what would it be and why?
6.  Where is it taking place?
7.  What images best portray the brutality and reality of using child soldiers?
8.  How can people HELP?

All of the resources you need are linked to the process page.

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