The Roaring 20's



The Task:

How were such romantic excesses of the Jazz Age reported at the time? How were they viewed in such delightful duplicity, and how do we today explain the Great Depression to which the Jazz Age led? In order to answer these questions you must know the culture of the day, "live" the times, and "become" the people.

The Task
It is autumn, 1929.  The 1920's was a decade of great change in American society.  You are a reporter for the Time Magazine and have formed a group to begin work on the  "Decade in Review" issue of the magazine that will be released in late December, 1929.  The committee is divided into four roles: 

     1. editor and chief

     2. politics

     3. business

     4. Culture, entertainment, and sports 

Ultimately the special edition magazine will highlight all of the highs and lows of the decade. Each reporter must submit minimum of three articles which will be published in the magazine, and each reporter will design the layout for his or her article with the help of the editor. This does not include extra touches such as advertisements.

The final product will be typed on Microsoft Publisher, Word, Google Docs etc... and resemble a professional publication.


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