Pythagoras And The PythagoreanTheorem



  • The Triangle Activity

The main purpose behind this activity is to help you discover the relationship between the length and breadth of a right angled triangle with its diagonal

You are given a set of 4 different sized triangles.

Follow the worksheet attached below. Your task is to measure the three sides of each triangle and fill in  Table 1 found in the attached worksheet.

Then square all sides of each triangle and fill in Table 2.

After these steps it is important to challenge yourself by answering these questions which can help you arrive to the equation of Pythagoras Theorem.

  • Questions on this Task


  • What is the special name of the triangles used in the activity?
  • What can you notice about side c of each triangle?
  • What is the relationship between the sides of a right angled triangle? (Consider Table 2)


  • Discussion on the activity:

From this activity one can conclude that:

a2+b2  = c2

where a is called the adjacent, b is called the opposite and c is called the hypotenuse. 

This relationship between the sides of a Right Angled Traingle is called The Pythagoras Theorem.

  • Attached you can find a PPP containing all the information outlined from this activty together with a better explanation of the theorem. 

    Who was Pythagoras?

The theorem was named after Pythagoras who was the master mind behind this relationship. 

  • Attached you can find a slide containing information about Pythagoras and a Pythaogras Song.


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