Picky Penelope and the Plate



Penelope Pickle is a second grade student whose health is in peril.  She's the pickiest eater on the planet and she only likes to eat peanut butter cookies, potatoes and pancakes.  Your team of five premier chefs has been hired by Penelope's parents, Pete and Paula Pickle, to introduce Penelope to the MyPlate food guide and present her with a variety of nutritious foods that she will enjoy.  You must research the five main food groups found in the MyPlate guide, learning more about the foods found in each group and how many servings of each group Penelope should eat each day.  Once you're a "Plate pro," your team must plan a one-day menu for Penelope that includes plenty of palate-pleasing foods from each food group.  Are you prepared?  Grab your pasta, peppers, peanuts and peaches and let's go! 

To begin, listen to the song, watch the video and do the interactive activity below.  They will introduce you to the MyPlate food guide.     


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